The objective of the SRB program is to increase the number of reenlistments in critical MOSs that do not have adequate retention levels to man the career force. Section 301d Multi-year Retention Bonus for Medical Officers Financial incentive to retain a sufficient number of qualified physicians to meet armed forces health care requirements. While under service obligation for AB an individual can receive Incentive Pay (IP) but cannot receive a Retention Bonus (RB). This incentive provides up to $25,000 of special pay a year for 2, 3 or 4 years for Area of Concentration (AOC) Physician Assistant (65D) who do not currently hold a commission in any Uniformed Service or has a 24 month break in service and no longer holds an appointment, if a former HPO. Geography: Hospitalists in the Southwest report an average bonus of $77,000, while hospitalists in the Northeast say they receive bonuses averaging $33,000. Paid annually. The Selective Retention Bonus, or SRB, program is a monetary incentive paid to active-duty Airmen serving in certain selected critical military skills who reenlist for additional obligated service. Incentive Pay (IP) This would be a kickback. The accession and retention of military physicians is an integral part of maintaining an effective and sufficient medical workforce, particularly during periods of frequent deployments overseas. Once again, the bonus … The Selective Retention Bonus (SRB) program is a retention incentive paid to Soldiers in selected MOSs who reenlist for a minimum of 3 years. Physician Bonus Issues. Accession Bonus for Physician Assistants. In 30 years, I have yet to see a retention bonus retain, let alone motivate, anyone. Retention Bonus (RB) After the initial period of obligated service ends, HPOs may sign on for an additional length of time and get an RB. Eligibility: Qualify to serve in the Medical Corps and do not have any service obligation. The 400-plus-bed system, which employs more than 250 of their nearly 500 physicians, took a step back and decided to evaluate retention's true cost. A physician retention survey conducted by Cejka Search, a national leader in physician and healthcare executive recruitment, and the American Medical Group Association, shows that physician turnover is higher than perceived by medical groups. While federal law does provide a safe harbor for an arrangement involving a bona fide employee, the safe harbor is not unlimited. Approximately 67% of hospitalist respondents received a bonus. Physician age: While hospitalists between ages 26 and 35 receive an average bonus of $25,470, hospitalists 50 and older receive $36,246. I wouldn’t either, except for the fact that a majority of major firms use them instead of much more effective retention approaches. For example, Great Noses could not pay Physician B $100 per patient he referred to Great Noses, simply by virtue of his being a bona fide employee. "We realized we'd been resting on our laurels. -- Kate D’ Camp, former VP of HR at Cisco Let’s face it: only a few people voluntarily spend any time thinking about the use of employee retention bonuses (ERBs). Availability of physician retention bonus payments set by the military, based on medical specialty. Accession Bonus (AB) Definition: Bonus paid upon accession.